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Color Filters

COLOR IT® - Dichroic Color Filters

Auer Lighting offers an extensive range of dichroic color filters. Saturated colors, no color shift and accurate edge positions fulfill the requirements for all light sources. In-house laser equipment allows for accurate cutting of all shapes used in color wheels.

Technical Data

Substrate: "Borofloat" Borosilicate glass
Other substrate material on request

Thickness: 1.1 mm

Temperature stability: 400 °C
Thermal shift: < 0.1 % / 100 K

Standard colors: > 40

Customized dimensions and colors are on request

Off-the-Shelf Dichroic Color Filters

Select your unique, vibrant colors.

11502586AUER Amber 555
21502438AUER Aquamarine 445-536
31502539AUER medium Blue 132
41502540AUER Congo Blue 181
51502584AUER Blue 485
61500841AUER CTB 527
71500843AUER CTB 531
81502683AUER CTB 524
91500845AUER CTO1 552
101500847AUER CTO1 556
111502348AUER CTO H544*
121502433AUER CTO1 548
131502434AUER CTO2 560
141502642AUER CTO H547*
151502773AUER CTO 556 3200K
161503411AUER CTO 573
171503643AUER CTO 572
181500829AUER Deep Blue 498
191502431AUER Dark Blue 442
201502442AUER Dark Red 627
211502583AUER Dark Red 640
221502585AUER Deep Green 500-544
231502435AUER Light Green 509-594
241503830AUER Kelly Green 466-527
251502440AUER Lavander 467
261503251AUER Lavander 471
271502346AUER Magenta 459-616
281500839AUER Deep Orange 574
291502439AUER Deep Orange 581
301503398AUER Orange 591
311502437AUER Pink 468-571
321502898AUER Pink 490-585
331502587AUER Red 600
341503131AUER Red 613
351503887AUER UV 442HT
361502899AUER Dark UV 452
371503128AUER UV 415
381502347AUER Yellow H524*
391502588AUER Cyan H541* - CMY1
401502589AUER Magenta H461*-632 - CMY1
411502590AUER Yellow H532*- CMY1&3
421503001AUER Cyan H525* - CMY2
431502533AUER Magenta 448-622- CMY2
441502531AUER Yellow H516* - CMY2
451502430AUER Cyan H537* - CMY3
461502921AUER Magenta 479-602 - CMY3

 *High saturation

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