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Head-up Displays

Head-up Displays

Auer Lighting's coating solutions not only optimize the display quality of head-up displays, but also offer customized solutions for different substrates and requirements. Our technologies contribute to improving driving safety and the driving experience.

  • Maximized driver visibility: Our coating solutions help project relevant information directly into the driver's field of vision. This improves visibility and enables a clear and sharp display of HUD content.
  • Enhanced brightness and contrast: Highly reflective Dichroic and Alu+ coatings optimize the light reflection and transmission of HUD components. This results in increased brightness and improved contrast of projected information.
  • Minimized reflections and glare: Our highly transmissive anti-reflective coatings reduce distracting reflections on the display components. This provides a clear and unobstructed view of the projected information and reduces glare.
  • Customizable substrates: From thin Borofloat substrates to polymer substrates, our coatings can be applied to a wide range of materials. This allows flexible design options for HUD applications without compromising performance.
  • Precise light control: Our UV/IR blocking and bandpass filters ensure that only the desired light spectrum enters the head-up display. This helps minimize adverse light interference and maximize display quality.
  • Consistent performance: Our coating solutions are backed up by simulation and verification of spectral performance. This ensures that the actual performance of the coatings meets the highest quality standards.
  • Strong protection: In addition to their optical performance, our coatings also provide protection against environmental influences such as moisture, dust and UV radiation. This contributes to the durability and resistance of the HUD components.


Free-form reflectors

with alu+ coating for highly reflective systems

Your specific application can be maximized beyond a reflectivity of 96 % by a metal coating that is protected and enhanced by a dichroic coating.

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High-quality coatings

for design and function

Different coating technologies, paired with a high degree of engineering knowledge make Auer Lighting your choice for coatings of filters, lenses, arrays and reflectors to upgrade lighting quality.

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