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LED Lenses

LED Lenses

Lenses for lighting applications are used to collect light from a light source and change its propagation directions so that the desired light distribution is achieved.

The product variety of lenses for LED applications is ranging from simple cover domes over focusing lenses to free-form lenses for special applications like high-bay lighting and street lighting.

LED Cover Lenses

Spherical cover domes provide protection from the outer environment, but leave the light distribution unchanged. Implementing free-form surfaces, on the other hand, allows creating numerous specific illuminance patterns to solve also the most demanding lighting tasks.

LED Fresnel Lenses

Fresnel lenses don't differ from conventional lenses concerning their ability to refract light. The step-like profile allows for short focal lengths and reduced weight of the total system.

By moving the light source relative to the nominal focal point, spot and flood lights can be realized.

Auer Lighting offers Fresnel and diffusion lenses in various focal lengths and diameters ranging from 30 mm up to 625 mm.

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