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Multi-Lens Arrays

The currently available semiconductor-based single light sources (LED and laser) still do not provide sufficient optical power for applications such as digital projection or in the automotive sector despite continuous improvements. Subsequently, the radiation from several sources must be combined. This can be achieved using individual optics such as lenses or prisms for each light source and presupposes that the individual components are all aligned with high precision achieving a high optical performance of the system. So-called multi-lens-arrays (MLAs) or multi-micro-optics (MMOs) have great advantages for such applications. They contain several individual optics directly together on a substrate and thus ensure optimum alignment with each other.

Another field of application for MLAs is the homogenization or mixing of laser or LED radiation. Such optics, also known as Koehler integrators, use a double-sided micro-lens structure. The lenses of both sides have to be aligned very well to each other for an optimal homogenization effect. By using MLAs, the optical systems can be built more compact. Glass lenses withstand the higher thermal and optical power densities.

The production of spherical as well as free-form contours such as aspheres in glass are part of Auer Lighting's daily business. For maximum system efficiency and reduction of stray light, Auer Lighting MLAs can be finished with individually customized anti-reflective (AR) coatings. By an AR coating on both sides for a defined laser wavelength range, a degree of transmission of up to 99.5% can be achieved.