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DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. - The German Institute for Standardisation

Standards promote efficiency, trust and safety. Using standards and actively participating in standardization has a positive effect on the entire innovation process and helps Auer Lighting gain market access. Standards play a major role encouraging quality assurance and environmental protection as well as improving security and communication.

BV Glas e.V.

80 percent of the German glass manufacturing enterprises are members of the Federal Association of the German Glass Industry. As the central organisation for the German glass industry, it represents the environmental, economic and energy policy interests of these companies.

LiTG e.V.

LiTG (Deutsche Lichttechnische Gesellschaft e.V.) supports the lighting technology on a regional, national and international level. Main focus of the association is the development of standards in cooperation with national and international organisations (e.g. DIN, CEN, ISO, CIE).

Inplas e.V.

The Network of Competence of Industrial Plasma Surface Technology is an association which combines industry and research with the intention to forward the development of industrial plasma surface technology.


The European Society of Thin Films (EFDS e.V.) is an industrial specific research community which is entrusted with various tasks in the field of thin film and plasma surface treatment techniques.