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  • Glass projection lenses, mirrors and filters for DMD and LCD systems for adaptive driving beam (ADB) functionalities
  • Glass projection lenses and functionally coated flat glass for MMLS or Pixel LED systems like OSRAMs ENVIYOS
  • Primary optics like light guides and lens arrays for MLS functions
  • Glass lenses, lens arrays, mirrors, filters and converters for MEMS and laser lighting
  • Multi-lens arrays for light mixing, collimation or projection


Light Guides

for LED, matrix LED and Laser Headlights

Coupled with new pressing technologies and surface micro structuring, our light guides made of glass are now returning as the optimal solution to withstand the harsher system conditions.

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Glass Projection lenses

for LED and Laser Headlamp Systems

The light performance improves when using glass lenses with high contour accuracies and low dispersion.

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Lens Arrays
Multi-Lens Arrays

for ideal lighting, right where you need it

Free-form lenses with high contour accuracies optimized with AR and correction coatings.

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brings out the best in lighting

Outperforming requirements in Laser Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) for typical continuous wave (CW) laser diodes.

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