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Aluminosilicate Glass

Aluminosilicate Glass

MAXOS® safety sight and level gauge glasses made of SUPRAX® 8488 are perfect for temperatures up to 300 °C. For higher operational temperatures we recommend safety sight and level gauge glasses made of aluminosilicate glass. These are used due to a Tg of 630 °C in applications with high temperatures up to 375 °C. It is mandatory to protect the inner side of the glass (i.e. side facing steam or liquid) with mica shield to avoid fast chemical attack.


Pressure and thermal load
Max. pressure 225 bar / 3.263 psi
Max. temperature 375 °C / 707 °F
Thermal shock resistance acc. to ISO 718 ΔT 230 °C
Surface compressive stress
s = 100 - 140 MPa (N/mm²)
Coefficient of expansion
α 20 / 300 4,8 x 10-6 K-1
Chemical characteristics
Hydrolytic resistance acc. to ISO 719 Class 1
Acid rsistance acc. to ISO 12116 Class 3
Alkali resistance acc. to ISO 695 Class 3