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Auer Lighting's coating solutions offer a number of key benefits for your LiDAR systems. They help maximize the performance, accuracy and reliability of autonomous vehicles while protecting them from environmental influences.

  • Maximize the light signal and increase laser range distance and accuracy: Our advanced coating solutions are designed to maximize the light signal. This improves the performance of LiDAR systems, resulting in increased distance and measurement accuracy. Your autonomous vehicles, such as streetcars and buses, can operate more safely and efficiently.
  • Minimizing background noise: Our coatings play a critical role in reducing background noise. These interfering influences can affect the accuracy of LiDAR systems. Our coating solutions minimize background noise, resulting in accurate and reliable measurements.
  • Environmental protection: Our coatings provide robust protection against various environmental influences. They are resistant to chemical and mechanical influences such as moisture, dust and yellowing caused by UV and blue light. This ensures long-lasting performance of your LiDAR systems, even in demanding outdoor environments.
  • No wavelength or color shifts: Our coatings are designed to deliver consistent performance in a wide range of temperatures. They are stable and do not shift in wavelength or color, even when subjected to extreme heat or cold. This ensures reliability and accuracy for your LiDAR systems.
  • High flexibility in substrate choice: Our coating solutions are highly versatile and can be applied to a wide range of substrates. From polymer materials to glass to special materials such as borofloat, quartz and sapphire. This flexibility allows you to select the optimal substrates for your LiDAR applications.