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Emission Protection

Emission Protection

Exhaust gas cleaning

The aim is to continuously reduce emissions from the production processes. Our glass melting tank was equipped with an exhaust gas cleaning system at an early stage. As a result, dust emissions have been reduced by up to 99%. Whereas up to 3.4 kg/h of dust used to be emitted, it is now hardly detectable in the exhaust gas. With the conversion of the glass melting from regenerative to oxifuel firing, nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust gas were also reduced by 94%. Auer Lighting thus complies with the legal requirements of the TA-Luft (Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control) and the requirements of the German Federal Immission Control Act (BlmSchG).

Noise protection

Auer Lighting has had noise protection concepts in place for decades. Noise levels are monitored in the vicinity of the plant and at workplaces by means of an external and internal noise register. Sound insulation is an essential criterion when new equipment is purchased. Targeted noise abatement measures have halved the noise level since the first noise abatement concept was drawn up.