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Advanced Lighting Technologies, LLC

Auer Lighting is part of Advanced Lighting Technologies, LLC (ADLT). ADLT was formed in 1995 to be a market-leading innovator and manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting materials. The ADLT familiy of companies provides innovative lighting solutions to demanding customers focusing on energy consumption and light quality.

Venture Lighting International

Venture Lighting has, since the early 1980s been a pioneer of light source technology, firstly transforming the HID lighting market and more recently taking advantage of the rapid developments in LED technology. Venture Lighting offers a world class range of LED Lighting Solutions paired with a best in class wireless control system.

APL Engineered Materials

APL Engineered Materials is a premier global supplier of high purity and ultra-dry metal halides, amalgams, metals and other advanced materials for a wide range of markets including lighting, energy, scintillation and technology markets.