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Complex, long-lasting illumination and projection glass optics refined by system-optimized coatings provide you with the highest optical efficiencies for your headlights.

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Head-up Displays

High quality, long-lasting dichroic UV/IR and Alu+ coatings are optimized for the spectral properties and angular distribution of your HUD light source and LCD.

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Auer Lighting's coating solutions help maximize the performance, accuracy and reliability of autonomous vehicles while protecting them from environmental influences.

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Logo Projection

High-performing Multi Lens Arrays (MLAs) and structured gobos / dias for long-lasting multi-color logo projection systems.

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Developed for Vision. High-precision Components for Automotive.

Rapid progress. Technological milestones. We’ll take you into the fast lane: With our complex precision optics and high-tech coatings for lighting, display and sensing systems, you'll be going full speed toward maximum safety and efficiency.