Safety Sight and Level Gauge Glasses

Aluminosilicate Glass

Aluminosilicate glass is typically used wherever pressure loads occur at temperatures above 300 °C. The aluminosilicate glass from German production is characterized by a particularly high temperature resistance of up to 375 °C. It is mandatory to protect the inner side of the glass (i.e. side facing steam or liquid) with mica shield to avoid fast chemical attack.

Technical properties
Expansion coefficient α 20 °C / 300 °C 4.8 x 10–6 K–1
Max. operating temperature 375 °C 707 °F
Thermal shock resistance as per ISO 718 ΔT 230 °C
Max. operating pressure 225 bar 3,263 psi
Surface pressure prestressing ≥ 90 N/mm² ≥ 13,000 psi
Chemical properties
Water resistance ISO 719 Class 1
Acid resistance ISO 12116 Class 3
Alkali solution resistance ISO 695 Class 3