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Streetlight "Lens 360°"

Weight approx. 117 g

Operating temperature: up to 450°C

Customs tariff: 70140000

LEDs: works best with CREE CXA1850; Others: Bridgelux Vero10-18; V6-18; CREE CXA13XX, CXA15XX, CXA18XX, CXA25XX, CXB1304, CXB15XX, CXB18XX, CXB25XX; OSRAM Soleriq S13, S19, P6, P9;  Philips Lumileds Luxeon 120X; Citizen COBs, Edison COBs, Luminus COBs, Nichia COBs

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Streetlight "Lens 360°"
Art. no.: 1500954
Price per piece:
1 piece 25,00 €
100 pieces 15,00 €