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Auer's well-known coating expertise and the extraordinary flexibility make high-reflection or high-transmission coatings possible for all LED spectra. Specially adapted filters cover a wide range of colors.

Different coating technologies, paired with a high degree of engineering knowledge make Auer Lighting your choice for coatings of filters, lenses, arrays and reflectors to upgrade lighting quality.

Coating Technologies

  • PICVD dichroic coating
  • Microwave supported sputtering (MicroDyn®)
  • Metallic coating
  • Laser ablation / Masking

Product line

  • CMY systems
  • CTO / CTB
  • Color filters
  • Functional filters
  • Gobos

Substrate Materials

  • Borofloat®
  • D263
  • Sapphire
  • Colored glass
  • Polycarbonate

Other materials on request.

Product Recommendations