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LED Glass Optics

The intelligent choice.

Rely on the advantages of our optics made from glass: temperature and UV resistance, stability and long service life.

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Saturated colors and functional filters to upgrade lighting quality of your systems.

Auer's well-known coating expertise and the extraordinary flexibility make high-reflection or high-transmission coatings. Specially adapted filters cover a wide range of colors.

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Ideas light follows.

Precision glass optics with excellent surface finishing straight from the press and high temperature-resistant coatings for your laser applications.

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Lens Arrays

The perfect match for your UV area.

Glass optics and high-quality coatings managing your UV radiation.

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More power. Fewer watts.

The unique efficiency of Auer Lighting's high bay reflectors is realized using the principle of total internal reflection. Perfectly pressed TIR prisms are the result of decades of experience in glass technology and the latest CNC equipment for tool construction.

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Safety Sight and Level Gauge Glasses

MAXOS® safety sight and level gauge glasses have proved themselves universally where visiual process control is essential. This includes pressure vessels subjected to thermal and chemical stresses and liquid level gauge application.

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Technical Glass

Technical advances by passion.

With our technical glass solutions made of SUPRAX® 8488 borosilicate glass we guarantee that industrial processes run smoothly and reliably.

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