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04. October 2022

Newsletter 27

Glass is more than lenses and reflectors. It can also create a brilliant impression in architecture. Upgrade your next building project to a new level with glass from Auer Lighting.

Using SUPRAX® 8488 borosilicate glass in your construction projects gives you the security of planning and building individual facades with glass elements in various shapes and sizes. Our glass pressing process guarantees you consistent visual quality piece by piece, even for large volumes. Dimensional accuracy according to industrial standards is our daily business and ensures precise installation in your building project. Surface modifications may be applied during the glass pressing process. Coloring by hard coating and printing further enhances your architectural design.

You can use SUPRAX® borosilicate glass from Auer Lighting GmbH for your facades, floors, or interior wall elements. Our glass can be pressed in flexible shapes and sizes for spectacular design options. It is ideal for use in combination with many building materials such as concrete, wood, metals, and natural stone. SUPRAX® is also environmentally friendly, recyclable and has a positive ecological balance – hence it is a truly “green” building material.

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