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16. July 2021

Newsletter 24

Assisted, automated and autonomous driving pushes the development of advanced sensor solutions and specifically the requirements for LiDAR systems.

LiDAR systems are characterized by their basic structure (scanning or flash LiDAR). While both types have certain optical filter requirements in common, others are specific: Mechanical scanners can provide 360° views by using surrounding optics like tubes or domes. For maximum signal-to-noise ratio, Auer Lighting combines the anti-reflective (AR), wavelength-sensitive coating for laser output and detection with blocking of the visible outside range. For performance reasons, the coating system is directly deposited on the tubular or 3D shaped cover. Other possible setups include laser beam redirection via a highly reflective mirror or optimized AR coatings on protective windows from glass or polymer materials, which are more frequently coming in complex shapes.

Auer Lighting’s coatings are suitable for high angles of incidence of the laser and achieve residual reflections well below 0.5%. The overall efficiency of the system and the associated safety of a detection of objects for collision avoidance increases significantly.

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