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14. October 2020

Upgrade your LiDAR System

Auer Lighting is a global supplier of optical components for the automotive industry, providing highly complex coating designs for LiDAR systems.

Your new LiDAR system requires an advanced coating design? Talk to our experts! Auer´s metallic and dichroic thin film designs are widely used in the automotive and opto-electronics industry. Our customers value our coating solutions for their reliability, consistency over large quantities and cost efficiency.

LiDAR (light detection and ranging) systems are used in the automotive sector to measure distances and speeds. This is a key technology for automated and autonomous driving. An invisible and eye-safe laser beam is emitted by the system, reflected by the environment and then detected by a light-sensitive receiver. The LiDAR system processes this optical information to create an accurate 3D image of the vehicle environment.

To minimize high scattering losses in the light path, Auer Lighting's optical components are enhanced with an anti-reflective coating optimized for laser wavelengths. Multi-layer coatings from Auer Lighting are designed for high incidence angles and achieve a residual reflection <0.5%. This significantly increases the overall efficiency of the system and thus the safety for collision avoidance.

As an extra plus to the optical advantages, LiDAR AR-thin films from Auer Lighting offer the components additional protection against accelerated aging due to chemical and thermal environmental influences.