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1948 Foundation of Auer Glaswerke GmbH

1949 First glass production

1958 Subsidiary of DEGUSSA AG, Frankfurt

1965 Incorporation into SCHOTT AG, Mainz 

1986 Fully integrated precision post forming

1992 Thin film coating based on PICVD (Plasma Impulse Chemical Vapor Deposition)

2000 Installation of a highly efficient Oxy-Fuel-Melter for borosilicate glass

2002 Fifth PICVD coater sold to external customers

2003 Qualification of first MicroDyn® sputtering coater

2006 Advanced optical simulation capabilities

2007 Incorporation into ADLT, Ohio, US

2009 Opening of glass processing plant in Chennai, India

2011 Implementation of coating in Chennai, India

2013 Injection moulding for complex LED optics

2016 Laser structuring of optical filters