Stage / Studio

Stage and Studio Lighting

Strong performance. Perfect material. Glass lenses, filters and gobos by Auer Lighting are stars on stages throughout the world when it comes to lighting. Their repertoire is performance, quality and grand effects.

Individually designed glass optics for stunning light quality:

  • Fresnel lenses, PAR lenses and reflectors for all light sources.
  • Glass light guides for ideal color mixing and the highest level of efficiency.

Spectacular effects with state-of-the-art color filters and innovative gobos:

  • Auer color filters use precisely defined edge positions to create vivid colors.
  • Gobos, even very small designs, that create breathtaking projections.

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Saturated colors and functional filters to upgrade lighting quality of your systems

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Light Guides

with top structures for perfect color mixing

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Fresnel & Diffusion Lenses

in various focal lengths and shapes up to a diameter of 625 mm

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Stage Reflectors

with ellipsoidal, parabolic and numerically calculated geometries

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