Developed for Vision. High-precision Components for Automotive Lighting

Rapid progress. Technological milestones. We’ll take you into the fast lane: With our complex precision optics for cutting edge LED, matrix LED and laser headlights, you'll be going full speed toward maximum safety and efficiency.

Ideal lighting – right where you need it:

  • Complex glass optics, formed with our unique press technologies.
  • Low dispersion level, precision fitting and shape retention, even under severe temperature stress.
  • Special prisms, filters and converter solutions for ideal light guidance in laser headlights.

High-quality coatings – for design and function:

  • Decorative coatings, e.g. titanium, for interior lighting.
  • Dichroic functional coatings for optical sensors and for efficiency enhancement.

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Comparison of Materials

Rely on the advantages of our optics made from glass: temperature and UV resistance, stability and a long service life.

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Reactive Sputtering

The different coating technologies make Auer Lighting an excellent choice to upgrade your automotive lighting quality.

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