Developed for Vision. High-precision Components for Automotive Lighting

Rapid progress. Technological milestones. We’ll take you into the fast lane: With our complex precision optics for cutting edge LED, matrix LED and laser headlights, you'll be going full speed toward maximum safety and efficiency.

Ideal lighting – right where you need it:

  • Complex glass optics, formed with our unique press technologies.
  • Low dispersion level, precision fitting and shape retention, even under severe temperature stress.
  • Special prisms, filters and converter solutions for ideal light guidance in laser headlights.

High-quality coatings – for design and function:

  • Decorative coatings, e.g. titanium, for interior lighting.
  • Dichroic functional coatings for optical sensors and for efficiency enhancement.

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for LED and Laser Headlamp Systems

The light performance improves when using glass lenses with high contour accuracies and low dispersion.

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Light Guides

for LED, matrix LED and Laser Headlights

Coupled with new pressing technologies and surface micro structuring, our light guides made of glass are now returning as the optimal solution to withstand the harsher system conditions.

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