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Developed for Vision. High-precision Components for Automotive Lighting

Optical glass components from Auer Lighting play a major role in the latest innovations in automotive lighting at present. Laser headlights are producing precise beams that draw on our special prisms, filters, and converters.

State-of-the-art LED and Matrix LED headlights use collimator lenses and light guides for beam shaping and to focus the light without any color artefacts. Auer Lighting develops such sophisticated free-form lenses and lens arrays - always in line with technical lighting standards and design guidelines.

We contribute to energy savings by using optimized reflector matrix systems for LED/laser applications that enable adaptive light functions with light weights.

Auer Lighting's automotive components direct light from all light sources: laser, LED and Xenon.

Silver-reflecting design coating for white and transparent turn signal coverings

Because of its high design standards, OEMs and the aftermarket industry are increasingly using lamps with PICVD coating. The turn signal lamps emit amber indicator signals when lit and form a visually homogeneous unit with the reflector when unlit.

High-quality driver assistance

Advanced filter designs for sensor and camera systems to secure safety on the road as well as best image quality of the instruments to the driver.

This filter range covers

  • Night vision
  • Anti-reflective coatings
  • Beam splitters
  • NIR bandpass filters
  • Narrow band pass filters

Available on flat and curved substrates and lenses using typical substrate materials like glass, PC and sapphire.