LED Optics

LED Optics made from glass. The intelligent choice.

Rely on the advantages of our optics made from glass: temperature and UV resistance, stability and long service life. Auer Lighting manufactures high-quality glass reflectors with premium dichroic coatings, lenses, lens arrays, optical diffusers, and light rods using SUPRAX® 8488 borosilicate glass. Auer Lighting is working with the most recent optical design software and machinery to design and develop customized and standard optics for various applications. Simply state your goals and constraints and we will consult you at all stages of planning and implementation while giving careful consideration to technical and economic aspects.

Refractive LED optics bring out the best in lighting

Our collimator lens concepts have the inherent ability to protect the LED light source from its surroundings, which requires proper designs in the first place. The concept relies on a bulk optical approach, trying to capture all of the LED’s emission and gain control over it.

Typical examples of lenses and collimating optics range from single collimators for a specific LED – for example, Bern combined with TIR lenses for retro-fit applications – lens arrays like Quad as well as Fresnel lenses. All are made of SUPRAX® 8488 borosilicate glass, featuring a 1.482 refraction index, a 64.5 Abbe value, and very good transmission in the visible spectrum.

Reflective LED Optics: Long-lasting solutions for timeless lighting

Our expertise shows in the design of free-form surfaces like Venus, Topaz and Pearl, optimized for the targeted SSL source. For homogenous light distribution and outstanding color-mixing, facets can be added. Reflectors are finished with high-reflective (>95%) dichroic coatings.

Reflectors such as Ruby are based on the principle of total internal reflection (TIR), allowing a certain amount of uplight.

Hybrid optics use a reflector as the primary optic with a TIR optic at the LED light entrance hole all in one piece. Hybrid optics or reflector-lens units such as Jupiter significantly reduce spill light in a narrow-beam design.

Currently, many new LEDs feature relatively large light-emitting-surfaces (LES) and scalability is an important advantage for glass. The trend towards chip-on-board (COB) LEDs makes reflector solutions even more attractive.

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