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Hybrid Lighting: Energy-saving lamp bulb coating

With the infrared coating of halogen lamps, Auer Lighting has been setting new standards in the lighting industry: our Hybrid Lighting provides visibly more light while using less electricity.

There is plenty of power available, but only about 5 per cent of the electricity that reaches an ordinary light bulb is converted into visible light. The rest is lost, mainly through infrared radiation. Halogen lamps come off rather better. At least their yield of visible light is 10 per cent. Auer Lighting achieves even more visible light for the same consumption of electricity by heat recovery. The heat-reflective coating (infrared) generates an increased efficiency of up to 50% on specially formed lamp bulbs.

  • High energy savings
  • High luminosity
  • Long service life
  • Minimum light flux loss
  • No color deviations
  • UV stop
  • Environmentally friendly
    • mercury-free
    • no electric smog
    • eco-friendly disposal

Energy Recycling increases light output

The high light yield of our hybrid coating is achieved by heat recovery. As a result of the elliptical-shaped burner and a special infrared coating on the lamp bulb, the heat from the light is reflected back directly onto the filament. So, less energy has to be supplied to bring the filament up to its "operating temperature".

Hybrid Lighting Filter Properties

High transmittance of visible light (approx. 400 nm to 800 nm), highly reflective for invisible heat or infrared radiation (above 800 nm) which remains unused by conventional halogen burners.