20. February 2018

Sputtered Coatings for UV Applications down to 220 nm

Auer Lighting has upgraded its outstanding MicroDyn® coating technology to high precision coating designs for superior reflective or transmitting applications down to wavelengths of 220 nm, by using all advantages of HfO2 to full capacity.

 All coatings are highly durable up to temperatures above 700°C and combine unique spectral edge accuracy within ± 1 nm with high optical uniformness. A huge variety of geometries are possible, like reflectors, filters, single lenses, lens arrays and collimators. A typical example is the state-of-the-art bandpass filter for a selective UV range from 220 nm to 250 nm. The transmission range and the blocking range can be adapted according to different specifications by variation of the applied HfO2 SiO2 coating design.