16. July 2018

Newsletter 18

Auer Lighting has been producing innovative coating solutions for professional applications for decades. Now, we offer you our in-depth expertise also for the coating on plastics.

By means of plasma impulse chemical vapor deposition (PICVD) and MicroDyn sputtering we can redefine plastics with an anti-reflex or dichroitic surface. Our magnetron sputtering also allows for the deposition of metal films.

Aluminum is a good partner for highly reflective optical surfaces in the visible spectrum with reflectance up to R = 90%.


SiO2 protected aluminum is our most popular mirror coating in the visible and near-infrared regions. The SiO2 top coat provides an abrasion-resistant surface, high durability and an oxidation barrier while maintaining the performance of the bare aluminum mirror.

Furthermore, a special top coat can be designed to enhance the visible reflection up to 95%. The so-called enhanced aluminum (alu+) meets the highest quality requirements for reflective surfaces. The overcoating is a unique, highly durable multilayer dielectric film.

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