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Auer Lighting designs innovative systems for street and area lighting focusing the environment.

Excitement for outdoor lighting is this streetlight reflector. A freeform design small and compact, but highly efficient, using Auer's expertise in glass pressing and high-reflectivity coating. The compactness of this reflector allows single and dual systems in streetlight designs, bringing advantages for maintenance and doubling the liftetime of the lamps.

Street and area light with LED light sources can take advantage of lens array Paris, developed to cover 18 LEDs to comply with ME1 street performance.

New and not only easy to use, but efficient on top, is the 360° lens. With only one lens multiple street light distributions, e.g. Type II, Type III or square, are possible by rotating the lens. The 360° lens is supplied with a holder for easy positioning of the lens.

IES-files are available, enabling you to fit these optical components into your streetlight designs. By the way: SUPRAX easily takes all environmental challenges and guarantees long lifetimes.