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Stage / Studio

Stage / Studio

Exceptional moulding accuracy paired with the expertise to produce smoothest glass surfaces with most efficient dichroic coatings are contributing to the breakthrough in this new application. Thus Auer Lighting supplies reflectors leading to superb image quality and brightest projection. No doubt, we met already! Where: "under cover".

The moving heads in the entertainment world are performing with reflectors, lenses, dichroic color filters and functional filters all developed in close cooperation with and for the key players in this market. Entertaining delight is guaranteed for all kinds of events using these intelligent lights with high-quality components from Auer Lighting.

Theatre lighting worldwide is equipped with Auer components, featuring Fresnel lenses. PAR-lenses and special reflectors are added to create special effects.

We are ready with new optical concepts and creative solutions for you.

Enjoy: "Auer-light"!

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Satured colors and functional filters to upgrade lighting quality of your systems

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Light Guides

with top structures for perfect color mixing

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Fresnel & Diffusion Lenses

in various focal lengths and shapes up to a diameter of 625 mm

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Stage Reflectors

with ellipsoidal, parabolic and numerically calculated geometries

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