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Glass reflectors and glass-ceramic reflectors

Auer Lighting delivers reflectors made of borosilicate glass and glass-ceramics for projectors using the DLP, LCD and LCOS technology. We offer a wide variety of shapes and optical designs tailored to technical demands. Our reflectors are refined with special high-quality coatings that guarantee high light reflection, high IR transmission, as well as uniform spectral properties, which last during the entire service life of the application.

Components for Laser / LED projectors

Our SUPRAX® borosilicate glass is the perfect match for your Laser / LED projectors. Auer Lighting offers a broad variety of geometrical and optical designs like lens arrays.

Dichroic filters

Dichroic filters are used in digital projection for color separation of high-end projectors. For this application Auer Lighting offers special tailored UV-/IR-filters that transmit a selected area of spectrum while specifically reflecting other areas.