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Digital Cinema

Brightest support for digital cinema

Borosilicate glass reflectors from Auer Lighting for digital cinema projectors

Exceptional moulding accuracy paired with the expertise to produce smoothest glass surfaces with most efficient dichroic coatings are contributing to the breakthrough in this application. Thus Auer Lighting supplies reflectors leading to superb image quality and brightest projection.

The perfect couple

Every couple of an elliptical and spherical reflector is perfectly matching with our customers' lamp design. In general our customers use Xenon lamps for this application. Auer Lighting's long-term experience in digital projection ensures always highest intensity for the service life of this core component.

Dichroic Filters

Dichroic filters are used in digital projection for color separation of high-end projectors. For this application Auer Lighting offers special tailored UV-/IR-filters that transmit a selected area of spectrum while specifically reflecting other areas. Besides that various products like notch filters are available for projectors using laser as a light source.