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Customized coatings and optics for sensor systems:

  • Optical components, e.g. flat glass and glass covers, with and without functional coatings
  • Glass light guides for light redirection
  • Filters for the analysis of specific spectral bands

Customized AR coatings on glass and polymer optical components for individual laser wavelengths of LIDAR systems:

  • Increased system efficiency by reducing light losses and laser beam scattering
  • Reflections ≤ 0.5% are possible
  • Wide incident angle ranges
  • Non aging hard coatings that provide a high resistance against chemical, thermal and environmental influences and protect polymer components against degeneration


High-quality Coatings

for design and function

Auer Lighting is a leading supplier of high-tech coatings adding value to your components and products in both function and design

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Light Guides

for ideal light guidance

1-piece solution with added design features for mounting and positioning produced with Auer Lighting‘s glass injection molding technology

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